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We Install Sump Pumps and Clean Bk Filters 

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The average functional life of a sewage system is 20 to 25 years. The best ways to protect your investment and your health is through regular maintenance and care. Sanitary Septic Tank Cleaning Inc. in Columbia Station, OH offers routine pumping service in addition to several other critical septic services. We are certified in bio-kinetic filters.We also install new Septic Systems and Sewer hook ups

What We Do

We take care of everything related to your sewage or septic system from minor repairs to the installation of a new sump pump. We use a radio-dispatched truck that is equipped with an electric sewer and drain-cleaning machine. It has 9/16” cables stretching to over 100 feet. It also has two sizes of cutters that range from 2-6 inches, which clean kitchen sinks and/or sewer and drain lines. We have an array of bacteria starters and chemicals that help preserve the septic tank and drain the leach field. We also clean out restaurant grease traps! Call Sanitary Septic Tank Cleaning Today.

NEW* Septic Tank Installation Services and Sewer Hook Up's, Sump Pump Installation & Sales (440) 236-9200

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